German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in PA

Born February 11, 2020



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Meet The Parents

It’s no wonder these puppies are special — they take the best qualities of each of their parents. Their mother, Fi-Fi vom Leithawald, is the daughter of VA1 Gary vom Hühnegrab, the world champion and winner of the Sieger Show — the definitive German Shepherd competition. V2 Opal di Casa Massarelli, their father, hails from the prestigious and world-famous di Casa Massarelli family and has also proven himself at the Sieger Show.

V2 Opal di Casa Massarelli is a very highly regarded dog and comes from the di Casa Massarelli kennel in Italy. His puppies take after him with their dark red and black features.
Opil di Casa Massarelli - Father
Fi-Fi vom Leithawald is a world class German Shepherd with impressive genetics. Her father is Gary vom Hühnegrab, the sieger show winner with the VA1 title
Fi-Fi vom Leithawald - Mother